"Pansy" was a very busy woman!

In addition to being a mother, a pastor's wife, a mentor, and a member of a dynamic and close-knit extended family, she was a prolific author. Her books have been printed in numerous editions all over the world.

While her books are often referred to as children's literature, they are powerful examples of how a life should be lived for Christ that apply to readers of all ages. From her very first book, Helen Lester, to her last, Memories of Yesterdays, her purpose was to win others to Christ. The writing contest that began her career as a published author set her life's work for the Saviour in motion.

The sheer amount of Pansy Books published is staggering. At the height of her career, she was selling 100,000 books a year—a feat for any author, even today. We believe this list to be complete, but it you know of one we've missed, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Many thanks to those readers all over the world who have helped to continually update the Pansy Book List.

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1898 Agatha's Unknown Way: A Story of Missionary Guidance
1884 Amy Robb and Other Stories from The Pansy
1890 An April Walk And Other Stories From The Pansy
1898 As In A Mirror
1888 At Home And Abroad and Other Stories: Stories from The Pansy
1887 At Home Stories (edited by Pansy)
1890 Aunt Hannah and Martha and John (with Mrs. C. M. Livingston)
1867 Bernie's White Chicken
1888 Bobby's Wolf And Other Stories from The Pansy
1887 Boys of Algeria and Other Stories from The Pansy
1886 The Browning Boys 
  (British Edition - Striving to Help; or, The Browning Boys)
1908 The Browns at Mt. Hermon
1888 By Moonlight and Other Stories from The Pansy
1899 By Way of the Wilderness (with Mrs. C. M. Livingston)
1884 Carrie's Experiment and Other Stories from The Pansy
1890 A Centerville Centennial
1873 The Chautauqua Girls At Home
  (British Edition - Obeying the Call)
1889 Chrissy's Endeavor
1885 Christie's Christmas
1875 A Christmas Time
1881 Company Try
1875 Cunning Workmen
1876 Daisy And Grandpa and Other Stories
1884 Danger Cliff and Other Stories from The Pansy
1905 David Ransom's Watch
1888 A Day At Grandpa Bogart's and Other Stories from The Pansy
1884 A Day in the Country and Other Stories from The Pansy
1880 Divers Women (with Mrs. C. M. Livingston)
1871 Docia's Journal; or God is Love
1904 Doris Farrand's Vocation
1888 A Dozen of Them
1875 Dr. Deane's Way And Other Stories (with Faye Huntington)
1887 Eighty-Seven
1884 An Endless Chain (British Edition - Workers Together; or, An Endless Chain)
1880 Enlisted (possible early version of Mrs. Harry Harper's Awakening)
1870 Ester Ried Asleep and Awake
1883 Ester Ried Yet Speaking 
  (British Edition - Following Heavenward; or, The Story of Alfred Ried)
1906 Ester Ried's Namesake
1882 Eugene Cooper
1892 The Exact Truth
1882 Five Friends
1885 Flossie's Triumph and Other Stories from The Pansy
1927 The Fortunate Calamity
1876 Four Girls at Chautauqua
1913 Four Mothers at Chautauqua
1885 Fred's Puzzle and Other Stories from The Pansy
1887 A Friend in Need and Other Stories from The Pansy
1878 From Different Standpoints (with Faye Huntington)
  (British Edition - From Different Standpoints; or, Perry Harrison's Mistake)
1885 Gertrude's Diary And The Cube
1877 Getting Ahead
1892 Glimpses of Girlhood
1878 Going Halves
1887 A Golden Thought And Other Stories
1896 Grace Holbrook And Other Stories Of Endeavor Experience
1875 Grandpa's Darlings
1882 The Hall In The Grove
1886 A Happy Summer and Other Stories from The Pansy
1882 The Harrisville Young Ladies' Band; and, Mrs. Harry Harper's Awakening
1887 Harry's Invention and Other Stories from The Pansy
1884 A Hedge Fence
1865 Helen Lester
1891 Helen the Historian
1891 Her Associate Members
1900 Her Mother's Bible
1884 An Hour with Miss Streator
  (British Edition- A Pansy Token; or, An Hour with Miss Streator)
1874 Household Puzzles
1888 How He Escaped and Other Stories from The Pansy
1875 How to Teach the Little Folks (Pansy's chapter is "Methods in the Class")
1884 In The Woods And Out And Other Stories by Pansy
1885 In Vacation and Other Stories from The Pansy
1885 Interrupted
1929 An Interrupted Night
1866 Jessie Wells; or, How to Save the Lost
1892 John Remington, Martyr (with Mrs. C. M. Livingston)
1888 Judge Burnham's Daughters
1872 Julia Ried: Listening And Led
1892 The Kaleidoscope
1873 The King's Daughter
1881 Laura's Promise
1878 Leafy Fern
1878 Leonard's April Fool
1877 The Lesson In Story: Pansy's Sunday-School Lesson Book for Boys and Girls 
1886 A Light from Persia and Other Stories from The Pansy
1878 Links in Rebecca's Life
1879 Little by Little and Other Stories
1893 The Little Card
1887 Little Fishers and Their Nets
1878 Little Hands and Other Stories
1876 Little Minnie and Other Stories by Pansy
1877 Little People in Picture and Story
1912 The Long Way Home
1887 Lost Nellie and Other Stories
1911 Lost on the Trail
1901 Mag and Margaret: A Story for Girls
1895 Making Fate
1883 The Man Of The House
1902 Mara
1882 Mary Burton Abroad, and Other Stories 
1931 Memories of Yesterdays
1891 Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant
1888 Miss Doctor Bellby And Other Stories From The Pansy
1879 Miss Pricilla Hunter and My Daughter Susan
1900 Missent; or, The Story of a Letter
1887 The Mission Of A Gray Sock And Other Stories From The Pansy
1874 Modern Prophets and Other Sketches (with Faye Huntington)
1899 A Modern Sacrifice, The Story of Kissie Gordon's Experiment
1888 Monteagle
1886 A Morning Ride and Other Stories from The Pansy
1887 Mother's Boys And Girls
1881 Mrs. Harry Harper's Awakening and the Harrisville Young Ladies' Band
1882 Mrs. Solomon Smith Looking On
1866 Nanie's Experiment and Other Sketches
1887 Nettie In The Kitchen: A Story For Boys And Girls
1880 A New Graft on the Family Tree
  (British Edition - A New Graft on the Family Tree; or, The Reformation of a Whole Family in a Rural District in America
1884 New Year's Tangles and Other Stories by Pansy
1880 Next Things and Dorrie's Day
1887 An Old Soldier's Story and Other Stories from The Pansy
1897 The Older Brother
1886 One Commonplace Day
(British Edition - The Master Hand: The Story of One Commonplace Day)
1877 One Little Figure
1894 Only Ten Cents
1886 Our Boys and Girls At Home and Abroad
1877 Our Darlings; What They Think, Say, and Do
1884 Our Hero And Other Stories From The Pansy
1888 Our Young Folks at Home (A biography of Pansy is on page 61)
1889 Out In The World: The Story Of Claire Benedict
1896 Overruled
1887 A Package for Rose and Other Stories from The Pansy
1878 Pansies And Other Stories
1888 Pansies for Thoughts, From the Writings of Pansy
1895 Pansy's Boys' and Girls' Picture Book
1896 Pansy's Boys' and Girls' Story Book
1883 Pansy's Home Story Book 
1887 Pansy's Picture Book
1876 Pansy's Picture Book
1883 Pansy's Scrap Book (previously titled The Teacher's Helper)
1882 Pansy's Stories for Boys and Girls
1893 Pansy's Stories of American History
1887 Pansy's Story Book
1890 Pansy's Sunday Book 
1898 Pansy's Sunday Book
1895 Pansy's Sunday Book 
1900 Pauline
1880 People Who Haven't Time and Can't Afford It
1895 Pictures And Stories Of Jesus
1876 Pictures from Bobby's Life and Other Stories
1881 The Pocket Measure
1878 Pretty Soon and Other Stories
1890 The Prince Of Peace, or The Beautiful Life of Jesus
1888 Profiles
1887 A Quarrel And Other Stories
1888 Railroad Building and Other Stories from The Pansy
1886 Ralph's Wolves and Other Stories from The Pansy
1876 The Randolphs
1878 Red Ribbon
1898 Reuben's Hindrances AND How He Made Them Help Towards Progress
1876 Robbie and the Stars
1879 Ruth Erskine's Crosses
1907 Ruth Erskine's Son
1884 Sadie's Victory And Other Stories from The Pansy
1889 A Sevenfold Trouble by Pansy and Her Friends
1883 Side by Side
1878 Sidney Martin's Christmas
1878 Six Little Girls
1887 Six O'Clock in the Evening
  (British Edition: Grandma's Miracles; or, Stories Told at Six O'Clock in the Evening)
1885 Some Boys and Girls
1882 Some Young Heroines
1881 Sowing Seed
1886 Spun from Fact
1893 Stephen Mitchell's Journey
1886 A Stitch in Time and Other Stories from The Pansy
1886 Stories and Pictures from the Life of Jesus
1889 Stories and Pictures from the New Testament
1892 Stories Told For A Purpose
1887 Sunday Chat for Boys and Girls (edited by Pansy)
1878 Sunshine Factory
1880 The Teacher's Helper (later re-titled Pansy's Scrap Book)
1888 A Thanksgiving Dinner and Other Stories
1880 That Boy Bob and Other Stories (with Faye Huntington and others)
1898 The Prince Of Peace, or The Beautiful Life of Jesus, Revised Edition
1896 Their Vacation and Other Stories of Striving and Doing
1871 Three People
1899 Three Times Three: A Story for Young People (with Faye Huntington and other Temperance Women)
1878 Tiny Making Up
1867 Tip Lewis and His Lamp
1914 Tony Keating's Surprises (Misspelled as Isabelle M. Alden on the cover)
1885 Turning the Mill Wheel and Other Stories from The Pansy
1893 Twenty Minutes Late
1877 Two Boys
1902 Unto the End
1894 "Wanted"
1889 We Twelve Girls
1881 What Keeping Still Did and Other Stories
1880 What She Said: And What She Meant; and People Who Haven't Time
1895 What They Couldn't: A Home Story
1885 Who did it? And Other Stories from The Pansy
1877 Wise Alice (Mother's Boys and Girls Library)
1873 Wise and Otherwise
1893 Worth Having and Other Stories
1898 Yesterday Framed in Today or A Story of the Christ and How To-day Received Him
1892 Young Folks at Home: Stories for Young Readers 
1884 Young Folks Stories Of American History And Home Life, First Series (edited by Pansy)
1887 Young Folks Stories of American History and Home Life, Second Series (edited by Pansy)
1889 Young Folks Stories of American History and Home Life, Third Series (edited by Pansy)
1884 Young Folks Stories Of Foreign Lands, First Series (edited by Pansy)
1887 Young Folks Stories of Foreign Lands, Second Series (edited by Pansy)
1893 Young Folks Story Book (edited by Pansy)
1889 Young Folks Worth Knowing from The Pansy
1882 Young People Abroad (edited by Pansy)
1882 Young People At Home (edited by Pansy)

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Pansy Series & Connected Books

Pansy loved to continue the stories of her characters from book to book and from generation to generation.

Ester Reid and The Chautauqua Girls were known the world over and readers could hardly wait for the next book to find out what happened next. The books listed in a particular series often varied in promotional literature and advertisements over the years, but here are a few of the well-known series and pairs:

The Ester Ried Series

  • Ester Ried: Asleep and Awake (1870)
  • Julia Ried: Listening and Led (1872)
  • The King's Daughter (1873)
  • Wise and Otherwise (1873)
  • Ester Ried Yet Speaking (1883)
  • Ester Ried's Namesake (1906)

The Chautauqua Girls Series

  • Four Girls at Chautauqua (1876)
  • Chautauqua Girls at Home (1877)
  • Ruth Erskine's Crosses (1879)
  • Judge Burnham's Daughters (1888)
  • Ruth Erskine's Son (1907)
  • Four Mothers at Chautauqua (1913)

An Endless Chain connects these two series.


A Few "Connected Stories"

Chrissy's Endeavor + Her Associate Members

Household Puzzles + The Randolphs

Making Fate + Overruled

Aunt Hannah and Martha and John +
John Remington, Martyr

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant + Twenty Minutes Late

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